Monday, December 31, 2007

Ch Bandits Juggernaut

VIza Arlington
Ch Bandit's Juggernaut
Etching, aquatint and dry point on Rives BFK
image size 7.25X10.5 inches
paper size 10X12
edition: 50
signed and numbered original print
This is one of my dads champion English Pointers. If you are interested in hunting dogs and
Tennessee Walking Horses Please visit his website

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tungsten (Periodic Table Printmaking Project)

Artist: Viza Arlington
Title: Wolfram
Moku-Hanga (Japanese method woodcut)
sumi ink and red watercolor for my chop mark on Rives BFK paper
image size:6X6
paper size 7X7

This print was created for the Periodic Table Printmaking Project

Tungsten (Swedish tung sten meaning "heavy stone"), even though the current name for the element in Swedish is wolfram (sometimes spelled in Swedish as volfram), from the denomination volf rahm by Wallerius in 1747, translated from the description by Agricola in 1546 as Lupi spuma, meaning "wolf's froth" after the way tin is eaten up like a wolf after sheep in the process of its extraction.
From Wikipedia

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Penguin (woodblock print)

Artist: Viza Arlington
Title: Penguin
moku-hanga (Japanese woodcut method) on Rives BFK paper sumi ink
paper size: 4.25 X 5.5 inches
image size:3.25 X 4.5