Saturday, November 22, 2008

ThreadBear Logo (Woodblock Print)

This is my first logo it is for a quilt shop in New Mexico.
I used beech plywood same as on Arion. It is really hard but other than that a very nice wood for carving.
i used my wood burning tool for all line work and a knife and gouges for clearing. the lettering took forever it seemed.
Graphic Chemical oil based ink with watercolor on masa paper. i think i might switch the red and green spools but other than that i'm pretty happy with the way it has turned out.
Artist: Viza Arlington
Title: ThreadBear
woodbock print hand colored
image size:9X12
paper size: 11X14


Annie B said...

Ha! I love it!! Looks like the wood burning tool will take a top shelf position in your woodcut tool kit.

Viza Arlington said...

Thanks Annie for all your help with this project. i love using the wood burning tool, i should invest in a nicer one though since i use it so much.

Sharri said...

What a great image! I probably would have done a naked thread spool - LOL I like your bear much better ;-) I'll bet your clients are very pleased.