Friday, January 29, 2010

A={M,E} B={Y,O,U} Valentine/Exchange 43 print

I was on the waiting list for exchange 43. I was already planning this print for Valentines Day and since it also worked for the typography theme i decided to get two birds stoned and use it for the exchange as well when i got called to action.
Artist: Viza Arlington
Title: A={M,e} B={Y,O,U}
moku-hanga (Japanese woodcut method) on Rives lightweight paper watercolor and sumi ink Three Blocks
paper size: 7.5 X 10 inches
image size:5 X 7
edition: 100
signed and numbered by artist titled in center under image

A={M,e} B={Y,O,U} is my Valentine Print
Venn diagram


Sharri said...

Simple and sweet. I haven't seen a ven diagram since leaving logic in college. I like yours much better than the ones we had to work with!

Andrew Stone said...

Very Nice. I too was a late entry to exhange 43--and finished printing this morning! I like the lettering and simplicity of the design. Nice pink.