Saturday, March 20, 2010

Plumeria 18x24 (original woodblock print)

Artist: Viza Arlington
Title: plumeria
paper size: 18X24
image size: 18X24 inches bleed print (to the edge of paper
Woodcut and pastels and or acrylic paint
I have not decided on the final edition colors yet

I always like the black and white prints best but that was not my original idea so.....
i will do a few more proofs i plan on carving a backround block but i like working with the pastels.
I don't know
I always get wishy washy at this point it always takes me forever to decide on colors
feedback is always welcome i love to take votes (with a veto option:)


Ellen Shipley said...

Love the image. The bw looks more dynamic, but I like the colors. I never really like the colors I choose and often opt for bw because I can't find something I love.

Viza Arlington said...

here is where i am at now (things change ever few hours) I like the flowers and bathing suit in the one with the blue background but i like the sunset background better than the blue or at least one of those warm colors if i decide to go with one color instead of gradated.

Viza Arlington said...

or black and white

Debra James Percival said...

Gorgeous Print! I like them all.

Lynn said...

Inspiringly beautiful, especially to me as a portrait painter! I tend to keep portraits and woodblocks in their separate compartments and this is a reminder how beautiful the combination is!!!

Ellen Shipley said...

Ooh, I love how the different colors emphasize different features of the image. They'd make a great group display.

Lou said...

Hi Visa - this is a lovely image and all look good but if I had to choose perhaps the last one is the most effective - I know all about indecision - re paintings and prints - it sometimes stops me from working altogether!
bwLouise Cass