Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Crystal Skull (white line woodcut)

Artist: Viza Arlington
Title: Crystal Skull
white line woodblock print on Rives BFK
paper size 8X10 inches


Annie B said...

Wow, Viza, you're really going strong with this white line technique. Great work. You're giving me lots of ideas!

Pistoles Press said...

Holy Cow! A feast for my eyes! Great job, Viza! How big is the edition? I really love the colors too. So rich! I like how they sparkle by being broken up like that.

Viza Arlington said...

thanks! one of the things i like about this form of printmaking is that i can move onto the next image fairly quickly. as far as editioning goes i haven't really decided how to go about it since the single block is "painted" each print will be unique. i just don't know. i am open to suggestions.

Andrew Stone said...

These are looking great. Love the AGAVE for its mellow greens and lovely palette; the skull really jumps with the balance of the black-printed eyes and mouth and the rainbow prism colors. I too am curious if you have printed just one of each and will print them as needed/the mood suits you or if you've printed up a bunch already.

Vizart said...

i usually just print one and a ghost. i sometimes paint or draw on the ghost print or i write notes on it about what to change or colors the i used etc... I will go back and print more as needed/or if i'm in the mood.

coorain said...

This is really awesome! I'd never heard of white line woodcuts until your blog and it's something I'd like to try now! (I've actually like to try woodcutting in general, I'm mostly a screenprinter/lithographer).
Anyway, thank you for the inspiration.