Sunday, February 06, 2011

Exchange 47 moku hanga woodcut

I decided to abandon my original design and went with this peaceful easy one because i didn't want to stress out like i usually do when i print moku hanga. I loosely copied my image (the outline of the image area a circle and a line at the top of the wave area) onto all five blocks. i carved wavy shapes and hoped they would overlap in an interesting way and did the same with the moon. The lauan is a pain to carve but this design is pretty forgiving and the texture of the lauan hides many flaws in printing.
Artist: Viza Arlington
Title: Moon and Sea
paper size: 6X13 inches
image size: 5X12 inches
edition: 100 VE
wood used: Lauan
Five blocks seven or eight passes


Annie B said...

Simple and beautiful. I love it.

Ellen Shipley said...

I really like the overlapping effect. 8-]

starkeyart said...

Very nice. Can't wait to get one.