Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Ophelia (original hand colored etching)

Ophelia William Shakespeare Hamlet violet flower
Artist: VIza Arlington
Title: Ophelia
Etching on Rives BFK paper hand colored with watercolor
image size 4X6 inches
paper size 8X10 inches
edition: 100
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Violets in Dreams and Death
In dreams, violets are positive. For instance, according to folklore, dreaming of violets is a sign that a fortune is coming your way. It is also supposed to mean your future spouse will be your junior. The violet does have a more sobering side, though, in that the flower is associated with death--and resurrection. The symbolism likely springs from antiquity, when a number of myths featured violets in the death of heroes and even an Earth God named Attis. Combining this death symbolism with modesty and maidenhood creates a meaning for violet of death too soon. Shakespeare's tragic Ophelia was linked to violets in "Hamlet."

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