Thursday, April 08, 2010

white line experiment

I have been interested in white line block prints for awhile now but there isn't much info out there so i just decide to go for it today. I used an old block that had been printed using oil based ink but that didn't seem to be much of a problem. the image is about 9X14 inches. I used the watercolors which i have on hand (a very limited palette) but its just an experiment so ....... most of the areas are fairly large and the watercolors dried fast so i would "color" in some areas until i got bored then I misted those areas with my best spray bottle (produces the finest mist) then printed. some of the smaller areas i printed while still wet. It seemed that if the paint went down thick or was too dry the paper would stick a bit to the block. i couldn't find any thumbtacks so i used sewing pins definitely not optimal but it still worked. i spent about three hours on the one print. i had fun with it and will keep trying it. i don't really see myself using the method to print editions but i have lots of black and white white line prints like Arion that will be fun to experiment on. heres the original print


Ellen Shipley said...

I like it. 8-] Spritzing was a good save.

lk said...

Never thought about using a sprayer!...yeh, drying is an difficulty. I do like the grain.

Terry said...

It's a beautiful print. Thanks for sharing your results. I like the limited palette.