Friday, April 09, 2010

white line experiment day 2

Today I started at 11:00 am. and finished at 12:30 pm. so I cut my time in half today. Since the ares in this block are large and there is no way to cover them and print before the watercolor dries this time I decided to paint the whole block then mist and print. over all I am pleased with the print the one thing i don't like about it are the variations in the blue of the horses body and ear. this was caused by not mixing enough paint to cover the whole area and also using too small of a brush. in the darker areas the paint was a much thicker consistency going down than the other ares on the body. painting the whole area and letting it dry then using a fine mist to reconstitute the watercolor worked great i also gave the paper i light mist just in case. I repeated this to get the coverage you see in the final print.


Ellen Shipley said...

Wow, gutsy to let the paint dry before printing!

Amie Roman said...

No kidding!! Looks really neat, though. What if you were to set up a hinged registration system so that you could paint then print while the paint was still wet? I don't know if that would work in this case, but that's how I do monotypes on Mylar... I like the results of this experiment.

Amie Roman said...

OK - never mind - I see you did that in your first experiment (I should learn to read things in chronological order!!!). You might try lightly coating your block with a very thin film of either gum arabic or liquid dish detergent solution, let it dry, then paint on top of it. That sometimes helps release the paint more evenly, but I've never tried it off a woodblock.