Sunday, May 23, 2010

Waterfall (white line woodblock print)

Artist: Viza Arlington
Title: Waterfall
white line woodbock print Rives BFK
image size:17X26
paper size: 22X30


Vizart said...

Rives BFK worked great. but the first print was a disaster! I knew better i just wasn't thinking the first print was on an unsized paper kozo i think. Then i decided to do a ghost print on Rives lightweight which worked great for the horse but not so great for a print this size.... just to thin and it buckled with all the moisture. Rives BFK was just right it held up well with all the moisture and i was still able to print by hand with a ball baring baren. I am happy with the final print and look forward to more experiments with large white line woodcuts.

Andrew Stone said...

Dear Viza,

The white line version of this print is very lovely and succeeds in ways the metal leaf version doesn't.
The rigid/linear/art deco-ish waterfall is very nicely played off the sinuous movement of the water in the lower river and your colors are jewel-like in ways the leaf doesn't compare.
I also like the glowing blues/greens against the grey rocks.
Is this truly a one print, white-line, one color at a time printing or did you paint/mist and print more colors as once?
Nice to see your experimentation paying off.

Ellen Shipley said...

Definitely a ghostly version of the metalic version. ;-]

Vizart said...

I got scared after the first print failed and upset because i spent a full eight hours painting the block so i printed this in batches but still using the paint/mist and print more colors at once. i did the rocks in front of the falls one at a time so i could better judge the light to dark progression. then i did the falls followed by the swirling water and last come the cliffs.

Amie Roman said...

This is an excellent example of how changing colours and techniques can so significantly change the feel and outcome of a print. I like both versions, but each are each their own image, definitely.

lk said...

Really nice collection of prints/versions...
I'm at a loss as to what to do about editioning these things, but I'm following the conversations.
I bet this is stunning in person...
and on BFK...excellent!
I should get my ball bearing baren out to see if that would make this whiteline stuff any easier for me!
Keep at it...I think you've graduated from experimenting.