Thursday, June 10, 2010

If there is only two

i printed one print and one ghost print today. i didn't add any more paint to the background. the ghost print colors seems to be more consistent so my paint thicknesses probably need to be thinner still to get an even look on the first print. widening the lines helped keep paint where it was supposed to be i think they could be wider still... next print.


Viza Arlington said...

after looking at these together i think that next time i will thin my watercolors more and also looking at the red, pink and orange i think i will spritz and let evaporate a couple of times before the final spritz print. it looks like the warm colors might take longer to reconstitute than cool colors.

Debra James Percival said...

Wonderful print Viza. Gorgeous design for the title.

Annie B said...

I love the title too. Thanks so much for posting your process. I appreciate being able to learn vicariously from your experiments! The grain that's evident in the background on your ghost print is really lovely.