Monday, January 31, 2011

Friday meltdown Monday back to work

I am really starting to hate this print. I had a meltdown friday after working on it for a week straight 8 to 14 hour days. so i took saturday and sunday off and now i am back to it. it is taking forever to print. it is so tedious and the size alone just makes it horrible. hopefully i wont totally screw it up in the next few days i think it will take me to finish. then maybe after it dries which will probably take a while i might start to like it again. i just want it OUT of my dinning room! maybe i will title it marvin k. mooney right now i am calling it bamboohoo. oh and that is quarter in the picture for scale.


Annie B said...

I feel your pain Viza! The print looks marvelous, though. As others have said, thank you for forging ahead into new territory and for sharing your experience with us. "Bamboohoo" seems an appropriate working title to me :) Hang in there!

Diane Cutter said...

Maybe a melt-down but it looks fantastic, Viza... It's going to be stunning!