Monday, January 17, 2011

Poppies Woodcut/Monoprint 22X30 inches

I have been worrying about how my large (3ftX5ft) bamboo print will stretch during printing so i made this "white line" monoprint using oil based relief ink with a bit of burnt plate 00 oil added sometimes to thin . I like the way it turned out so i will probably go ahead and proceed with the bamboo print using oil based inks instead of watercolors and on dry paper (so i don't have to worry about paper stretch and registration) the other photo shows the original watercolor/pastel painting with the finished print next to it (i like the print better) I always think i am better when filtered through a printmaking process of some sort. the occasional drawing being the only exception.
Artist: Viza Arlington
Title: Poppies
Monoprint/oil based white line woodcut print on Rives BFK Buff colored paper
image size: 18X24 inches
paper size 22X30 inches
this is a one of a kind monoprint I carved out the "white lines" from a block of wood then hand painted the image areas using relief oil based inks slightly thinned with burnt plate oil 00 then transfered to paper using a baren.
I consider each print to be an original oil painting on wood transfered onto paper.


Kolene said...

I like the white line print better, too. The contrast in texture of the flowers vs. the stems and leaves adds a dynamic element to the print. Beautiful!


Annie B said...

Beautiful, Viza. I love watching your progress. The oil inks seem like the perfect solution for preventing all the moisture problems inherent in using watercolors. Bravo!

Sharri said...

Wonderful print - your poppies sing!

Ellen Shipley said...

I'm a real fan of white line printing. And I agree about filtering your art thru the printmaking medium, but then that's what I do too. ;-]