Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Exchange 45 woodblock print

Artist: Viza Arlington
Title:Cosmos? ( i haven't decided on a title yet)
woodbock print
on archival cotton rag BFK paper with deckled edges
image size:10X15
paper size: 10X15
edition: 100
bleed print (image covers entire paper)


Jan said...

I love your work, the bold fluid lines are really striking. How do you print such large areas of solids? Must be a powerful press.

Debra James Percival said...

Love the image Viza.

Viza Arlington said...

thank you!
Jan this image was printed on my little etching press. it was a 12X16 piece of shina plywood but i had to cut it down to 10.5 so it would fit on the press bed. I really should be saving my pennies for a large etching press since i love to do these prints with large uncarved areas. I think i will experiment with printing some of my white line prints on a press as well.

Viza Arlington said...

Oh, incase anyone was wondering the stars were made using my wood burning tool and the lines were carved.

Ellen Shipley said...

Your woodburning tool makes some fine lines. I like Cosmos.