Monday, August 23, 2010

white line printed on fabric experiment

another white line woodcut experiment this time i printed onto an old sheet. i think it turned out pretty good.


dinahmow said...

Very nice! What colours did you use for this and would they be wash-fast?
(I've printed oil-based inks on fabric from lino, but it was never meant to be washed.)

Ellen Shipley said...

This is water-based, isn't it? How do you plan to fix it? It's quite luminous.

I did an oil-based print on cotton once for someone who wanted to make a quilt.

I'd do more if I knew what to do with them. The linen looks crisper.

Vizart said...

These are watercolors so they are not wash fast. I would probably stretch the piece on to canvas stretcher bars and spray varnish to isolate then maybe varnish with brush or continue to spray on the last layer of varnish.